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Hyd Cops Saves Late Night Female Biker

The two months old Disha's brutal rape and murder case is still lingering in our hearts out of fear and pain. And no Indian has yet forgotten the barbaric act on the 26-year-old Vet doctor in Hyderabad. As we know, Disha was conned by four men near the city outskirts after her scooter was deliberately punctured by the accused. Ever since the case came into the limelight, women are frightened to use their two-wheelers on roads at the night time.

Yesterday, a young woman who was travelling on her two-wheeler at 10 pm back to home, had her vehicle stopped abruptly near Shankarmatt road, Nallakunta. The first thing that strikes our mind is Disha's case as she had faced a similar situation. Just like Disha, even Jyotsna, whose bike was stopped at Nallakunta is a doctor. Jyotsna said that though she got panicked initially, went on to learn that her bike ran out of petrol. But, the woman mindfully dialled 100 and explain her ordeal.

Her alertness has been highly lauded by the cops. The Nallakunta police, Nagarajulu, Sravan Kumar and Sai Chandrakanth have reached the location with a can of petrol within 5 minutes. After filling her bike tank, the cops have said to note her bike number and sent her home safely. The immediate action of Telangana cops and the girl's conscious step have been appreciated widely and bolstered safety for women.




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