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Hyd Based NRI Woman Commits Suicide In N Carolina

An NRI woman of 38-year-old, named G Vanitha, has committed suicide at her residence in North Carolina, US. Vanitha hailed from Nagole, Hyderabad and she was married to R. Shiva Kumar.

Nearly 15 years of married life, Vanitha's family members alleged that her death is due to the harassment of her husband Shiva Kumar. They also said that her in-laws have tortured her which made Vanitha to take this extreme step.

LB Nagar police said that Vanitha had gone to the US to stay with her husband in July. Soon after knowing the death news, Vanitha's parents had approached the police and lodged a complaint against Shiva Kumar and his parents. Currently, Shiva Kumar has been taken into custody and is under investigation.

Police have learnt during the investigation that Vanitha and Shiva Kumar had family disputes and she stayed with her parents for a few months. In July, she agreed to live with her husband again and went to the US.

Her parents alleged that she was not in contact with them ever since two months. Vanitha's body will return to India tomorrow to her residence in Nagole.




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