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Hunger Deaths Are A Big Threat For This Country .. Who’s Gonna Save ?

From the day of independence India as a nation has been evolved or transformed very much. There was modernization due to liberalisation in the nation. 

People of India went on ahead to achieve a good standard of living.

That's the main reason for high foreign investments and also for huge imports of many products from foreign countries. Even the youth of our nation, if we look into the past few decades there was high on demand for engineers and doctors even many youngsters of our country were focused on for getting high pay scales and thereby for leading a high standard career or life. 

The major important aspects like politics, art, literature and nature were given very less importance this is the known fact to everyone but as time passed and now things are changing a bit. Even actually many say that India's youth and population is its core strength to stand strong among the world nations. But do we think that are Indian youth is actually on the right path for building a stronger nation? Even high population growth may also push the country into world no.1 position as the world's most populated country by beating up China as well. And God knows about what kind of developments can happen with that. 

Now due to the outbreak of  coronavirus   even India went into lockdown for restricting the rapid spread of coronavirus in India.   But in this lockdown period we can notice how weak our Indian medical infrastructure is working and also there are few incidents happening around the nation that are related to hunger deaths which is a big threat to the country and in the freedom of almost around 73 years India has achieved many things in different fields.

But these hunger deaths and to bring up the people upwards who are below the poverty line is always a process happening since the day one of the independence of our nation.  Finally here rises a big question that why our Indian governments or leaders are unable to eradicate poverty and also why there is no high increase in literacy rate is also a big question even well we can't blame the media to the corner because we can see that there is much demand for spicy celebrity news than for a labour or farmer's hunger death. 


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