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Hrithik Feeds Death By Chocolate To Deepika

The Greek God Hrithik Roshan's sexiness and hotness quotient have remained exceptionally unique with figuratively everyone girl in the world has a crush on him. Not only common people, even celebrities like Deepika Padukone also started swooning over Hrithik in their recent gathering. The actors met recently at PR person Rohini Iyer's house party and a video from the party shows Hrithik feeding Deepika with some chocolate cake.

As we know, just a few days ago, Deepika had tweeted that watching Hrithik in War reminded her of Death by chocolate cake.  '@iHrithik in WAR is like Death by Chocolate from Corner House!…Just Saying..,' she had written. And, yesterday, Hrithik stood in front of her, holding death by chocolate in hand, all ready to feed her. What else Deepika wants! Her dream came true. The video shows Hrithik taking a spoonful of cake and feeding her with care.

Deepika' expressions were as expected. She can not take her eyes off him and who will, in such a surreal situation. Hrithik is seen smiling at her in grace. Later, the duo posed for a picture, even then, Deepika is stuck watching his beautiful face. A couple of days ago, Deepika and Hrithik posted a selfie together from the party, leaving fans in surprise. Soon after, fans urged the actors to do a film together.

On the other hand, a few netizens asked where is Ranveer in this romantic-like moment. We are sure netizens are trying to pull Deepika's leg by reminding her of husband Ranveer Singh. Deepika and Hrithik are the sexiest Asian Female and Male of the decade, polled in London, respectively.




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