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History Repeats After 23 Years For Rajini

Finally, there came an announcement from Lyca Productions about the release of Superstar Rajnikanth's long pending movie, 2 Point O. And that is a surprise for many and also it will create another sort of record if the film hits on November 29th as promised.

Directed by S Shankar, assuredly, 2 Point O is said to have got a clear cut deadline regarding finish-line of visual effects. Basing on that, other day the team has got to a conclusion about the release date. If 2 Point O releases this year, then it is going to be the second release of Rajni in 2018, where two releases for such big superstars in a single year are rare. 

Almost 23 years ago, in 1995, Rajni has seen two films, Baasha and Muthu releasing in the same year. And now the feat is getting repeated with 2 Point O following Kaala in terms of release. But the most turning point will be, will Rajni prove that he's box office king after some back to back debacles? 

Crores are running on 2 Point O and the film should be a massive hit to recover the big investments poured on it. Almost all the areas are sold to distributors for high prices and the film's success is badly needed to paddle them to shores. 




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