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Historic Record in India’s 18th Lok Sabha Elections: EC

Election Commission

The Election Commission of India (ECI) has announced a groundbreaking achievement in the 18th Lok Sabha elections 2024. Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv Kumar stated that a remarkable 642 million people exercised their right to vote, setting a world record for democratic participation. This feat is unparalleled, showcasing India’s robust democratic process.

Largest Democracy in the World

India stands out as the largest democracy in the world, making the conduct of elections a massive challenge. Rajiv Kumar highlighted that despite minor incidents, the entire electoral process was carried out smoothly. The 642 million votes cast surpass any other country’s voter turnout and even exceed the total electorate of the G7 nations combined by 1.5 times.

Women’s Voter Turnout

An impressive 310 million women across the country participated in the voting process. Additionally, 1.5 million polling and security personnel were deployed to ensure a seamless election. Rajiv Kumar also mentioned that repolling was conducted at 39 locations due to various reasons. Notably, the polling process in Jammu and Kashmir was conducted peacefully, with a 51.05% voter turnout in the Kashmir Valley.

Controlling Money Flow

Efforts were made to curb the flow of money during the general elections. Despite these efforts, the ECI seized gold, drugs, and other contraband worth 10,000 crores. Section 144 was imposed nationwide on Tuesday, and Kumar emphasized that celebrations would not be allowed until the code of conduct is lifted. He declined to comment on the unrest in Andhra Pradesh, stating that local authorities are handling the situation.


The 18th Lok Sabha elections 2024 have set a new benchmark in democratic participation, highlighting India’s commitment to upholding democratic values. The record turnout, especially among women, and the efficient conduct of the elections amidst various challenges, reflect the strength and resilience of India’s democratic system. The Election Commission of India’s efforts ensured that the world’s largest democratic election was conducted smoothly and fairly.


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