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High Budget Movie Without VFX Is Impossible Said Rajamouli

After working for ‘Baahubali’ two parts for more than five years, it could be understood if Rajamouli is done with the heavy VFX works and the anxiety that would be lingering in the mind of the filmmaker about the outcome after the graphics. That’s why he said that he is done with VFX for now. Looks like, he is going to break his promise and use heavy VFX works for his forthcoming project, the multi-starrer with NTR and Ram Charan. The movie is said to be high on action sequences and heavy VFX works will be useful to make those action sequences to make a visual treat for the fans of both the star heroes and also the neutral audiences. It’s almost impossible to attempt a high budget movie without the VFX works. According to the buzz, the star heroes in the project are playing brothers; Ram Charan would be playing a cop and NTR a gangster. If this is true, there would be a lot of action and the graphics work is unavoidable for the flick. Anyway, Rajamouli is adept at getting VFX works perfectly done. No worries.




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