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Heroine Wore A Saree With Holes For Her Wedding

Some heroines go to exotic countries to have a private destination wedding and some descend in India to have a royal wedding. But dusky siren Radhika Apte, who is known for her performances in various movies, had this registered wedding with a little number of guests.

Back in 2012 itself, the talented actress married British composer Benedict Taylor and started living together, without revealing the world about it. While talking about her wedding ceremony, the Chennai born Pune raised actress revealed that she had a registered wedding without any rituals being performed as the couple is not so religious.

Radhika Apte revealed that she wore her grandmother's old saree for the the registered wedding and that saree had a lot of holes in it. She still wore it as her grandmother is one her most favourite people on the planet. Radhika bought another dress too, which was less than ten thousand rupees, for the party.

However, a month later when she has thrown a party for her friends and family, the actress made nearly 30-40 guests at the event plant small trees. Though Radhika hasn't revealed where she made them plant, she confirms that they have planted Mango saplings, while the rest of the guests put seeds in the earth.

That's a green wedding for such a hot actress who has taken acting prowess to the next level as she does not even shy away from going nude for the silver screen.




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