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Heroine Brother Warned Director For Misbahaves With his Sister

Family members involving in the lives of heroines is not a new thing. Only a few heroines like Samantha and Shruti Haasan come to shootings without any of their family member present on the sets, but others carry dads, moms and siblings everywhere. And sometimes, they take things into hands.

Usually, some young directors try to flirt with their film's leading lady and they say that such chemistry will help them carve out better emotions from the hotties. One such young director got close to a heroine who is considered quite lucky herself as she bags many opportunities even though she's failing to score hits. 

And this young director is said to be teasing her on the phone, on WhatsApp and also continue making himself omnipresent in her life. Even if she's not shooting for his film and present at some other location, director's phone calls and messages are a routine. Unable to bear this constant pampering from him, we hear that the heroine asked her brother to look into the matter. A young chap with boiling blood, the brother immediately warned the director by cornering him with a gang of friends at a pub couple of days ago, a source revealed. He's said to have asked the director to stay off limits and keep his sister out of the radar.

Will the director calm down and mind his own work now? Or will he convince her that he's in really love with the heroine or something like that




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