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Helping Hands Of ALLUARJUN Through Posani

More than his witty talks and acerbic comments, writer-director and actor Posani Krishnamurali is also known for helping many people financially. Rather calling this a charity, we have to say that he funds the needy and many poor students are able to study due to his helping nature.

Other day Posani met three girls, who have topped the recently concluded 10th class examinations and vowed to help them financially by giving them 1.5 lakhs each. Three poor girl students named Rashmita, Rajeswari and Sakheenabi, from Telangana have studied in government schools and secured 9.5+ GPA in the public exam. To help them big, Posani donated money and also pledged to take care of their educational expenses until they graduate. 

However, Posani made a stunning revelation, while sharing his thoughts about helping these three girls. "Couple of days ago, Allu Arjun invited me to his home for a pep talk. I'm little worried as to what for he's inviting me because I've not slipped mouth about him. When I met him, he said, "Sir you're in the film industry from last 30 years and helping many people financially" and gave me a cover with 5 lakhs rupees cheque inside. He requested me to not say NO to this cheque, and after listening to his words, even I didn't say one", revealed Posani. 

"A few days after depositing that cheque in Bank, I've heard about these three girls and hence I did the help immediately. Maybe I've to say that God came in the form of Allu Arjun to help these kids. His cheque and thought inspired me to help these kids" he added. 

We need to surely pat on the back of both Posani and Allu Arjun for helping the needy this way.




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