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Hebbah Starts Second Life

Kumari 21F has earned the title of ten films in the same film, Young Beauty Habba Patel. Hebba glazed with the film without any promotion. Hebba glamor broke the hearts of the boys. And ado rakam edo rakam is the coolest film in the movie and the audience is impressed well. Husband's acting .. Glamor is not a big dealer and he is expected to be star heroine soon.

In accordance with these expectations, Hebba was offered one time in a single time. After the first two films, the younger one is the only one who will go to the movies where she plays. But he did not get the credit hit where the film was. nenu nanna na boyfriends- Angel movies knocked at the box office. Then the seller fell into the career. There are no cinemas in the hands of Hebba. He finally got his first hit with Raj Tarran in the lead as a heroine in a movie.

Hebba is the heroine in Tamil film Nanum Roudida remake. This offer, which came to her in almost the same time as the audience forgets, is crucial to the career. This remake hits her second life for a few years. Her career does not dare for many years. If not, then the heroine of the Herba Telugu screen will be able to calculate the story.





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