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Health Secretary Reacts On Vivek’s Death Being Linked With Covid19 Vaccine Shot

Since the vaccination drive against the novel Coronavirus has started, the Union Government and several experts have called it an effective way to beat the respiratory disease with no other option left.

However, several people, including celebrities have developed side effects after taking the vaccine dose. In some instances, people are getting infected with the deadly virus after taking the vaccine. This has raised several fears and concerns in public to get vaccinated.

Celebrated Kollywood actor-comedian Vivek was admitted to a hospital days after taking the vaccine dose. He suffered a cardiac arrest on Saturday at 4:35 a.m and passed away. The blockage in the anterior resulted in a heart attack.

With the actor's death is being related to the side effects of the vaccination, the Health Secretary of Tamil Nadu Radhakrishnan has stepped in to clear the airs on this. He addressed the media today.

Calling the incident shocking, the Health Secretary said, the actor has tested negative for respiratory disease. Saying that Vivek developed 100 percent block in the left anterior, Radhakrishnan said the doctors treated him for the condition.

The Health Secretary said anterior cannot develop a total block in a single day. Citing that more than 800 people have taken the vaccine dose like Vivek, he questioned what the other patients didn't develop the same condition.

Talking about the safety measures taken by the medical authorities, the Health Secretary said, people who take vaccine doses might develop an Anaphylactic reaction, 15-30 minutes after taking the dose. To deal with this, a crash cart is made available at the facility.

The Secretary went on to say that, one need not fear the vaccine doses. Vaccines are safe. Nothing but vaccines can save people from respiratory disease, he said.


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