Hathras Case: UP Police Say That The 19-year Old Girl Was Not Raped

On Thursday, a senior Uttar Pradesh police officer said that the forensic report revealed that the 19-year-old Hathras girl who died from her injuries at a hospital in Delhi was not raped. ADG (Law and Order) Prashant Kumar, citing a forensic science laboratory (FSL) examination, said the cause of her death was neck injury and trauma due to it. "The FSL report has also arrived. It specifically states that there was no semen in the samples. It makes it clear that there was no rape or gang rape," said Prashant Kumar. "Even the girl did not mention rape in her testimony to the police, but just spoke about 'marpeet' (beating), "he added.

"Some people falsely presented evidence for disrupting social harmony and creating caste violence," the UP police officer said. "The police took immediate action in the case and now we will identify those who tried to disrupt social harmony and establish caste violence," the ADG added, stressing that in the media, people 'distorted evidence.' Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath had appointed a special investigation team to investigate the incident, the officer said, taking note of the matter. Many engaging in the act would not be spared. But incorrect statements pointing fingers at the government and police to malign their reputation were made before the medical study. “We’re going to discuss who is doing this. It's a serious matter here. The government and police are sensitive to women-related violence," he said.

The ADG reported that Uttar Pradesh was convicted in cases related to the crime against women in 2018 and 2019 according to data. On September 14, the woman was allegedly raped by four men in a village in Hathras. After her condition deteriorated, she was referred to the Safdarjung hospital in Delhi where she breathed her last on Tuesday. In the early hours of Wednesday, she was cremated with her family alleging the local police forced them to conduct the last rites in the dead of night. However, local police officers said the cremation was carried out "according to the family's wishes," even as the incident sparked protests with many people coming out on the roads in Hathras.

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