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Hard Hitting Truth : India After LOCKDOWN !

Due to the wide spread of coronavirus all over the globe many countries opted to lockdown completely to restrict the spread of coronavirus to a major extent. And accordingly the government of India is no were taking a chance to take situations for granted, Even thereby the lockdown is strictly under execution and also the government of India as twice extended the lockdown date in order to eradicate the spread  of coronavirus completely.

So, it seems like almost India is in lockdown for around 50 days and also the spread of virus has also decreased to a great extent. Most of the states in the country are very much in control. Therefore, It is a sign that lockdown would be lifted very soon in the coming days. 

So, hereafter when the lockdown is lifted in India the situations will not be very casual. All the rules like social distancing, using a mask and carrying a sanitizer will be must. 

Many hotels, restaurants, malls and theaters also might not open very soon after the lockdown is lifted. The government will analyze every area properly and then move on accordingly to free up slowly and however educational institutions might not open soon even if the lockdown us lifted. So, the post lockdown will also be with a limited transportation along with the guidelines to be followed for the people which will be provided by the government in mean time.


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