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Hansika Cleaveage View Caught On Camera

Right from the time ‘Desha Muduru’ came to theatres, Hansika is one of those actresses who knows how to maintain herself and look ageless. She was spotted at the Mumbai Airport recently sporting nude colour frilled top, with tight pants and a bodice. Little did she expect that the breeze will blow away her loosely fitted top to the extent, revealing her breasts through her cleavage. The cameras caught this scene perfectly and right now, the video bite is going viral sensationalising the wardrobe malfunction. She might be an actress who exposes on the screen. But, she is a human being who needs to be respected and her privacy must not be denied. One could clearly see the embarrassment on her face and later on, how she clung her hands to the frilled top so that the breeze will not blow it off, again. These days, it’s very hard to escape from YouTube sensationalism and Hansika falling the victim is the recent one. But, it’s sad that people don’t take a second to think before uploading such a video.






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