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Had Naidu Made Kcr Minister

When KCR launched his idea of a third front and started approaching politicians from across the country but not his next-door neighbor Chandrababu, everyone could understand the reason behind it.

KCR had once worked under Naidu and used to wait for the latter’s appointment outside his chambers. In fact, had Naidu made KCR a Minister, there would have been no TRS.

Today, the same KCR has made Naidu pack his bags and run away to Amaravati because of the cash-for-vote case.

With Naidu also garnering support from various political parties against the BJP, Everyone wondered whether there was a likelihood of Naidu and KCR joining hands, given their huge egos involved.

Now, Naidu has said that it is the likes of KCR and Mamata Banerjee who should lead a third front.

In making this statement, Naidu has once again acknowledged KCR which is no small thing. Why did Naidu do so?

In all likelihood, this acceptance of KCR’s authority should put an end to the cash-for-vote case once and for all. Unless, the BJP denies permission to KCR.




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