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Good News To H1B Holders-Limit On Green Card Removed In US

In a huge boost to the working Indian IT professionals, the US House of Representatives have passed the bill, the Fairness of High-Skilled Immigrants Act, 2019 which increases the limit of issuing Green card from seven percent to 15 percent per country-cap.

Indian nationals demand for immigrant visas exceeds the number of visas available each year. This results in longer waiting period to get Green card. China, India and the Philippines are the top three countries whose nationals got approved for employment based immigrant visas in large number. H1B visa holders from India are the most worst sufferers of the current immigration system.

The US House of Representatives has 435 members and the bill got 365 votes in its favour. This bill will now have to pass through the Senate where Republicans are more in number and after that the US President will sign for it to become a law.




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