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Gold In Theatres On Independence Day

Some films just don't go away from your heads for days, thanks to their intriguing teasers. One such upcoming film is none other than Akshay Kumar's "GOLD" which is hitting cinemas on the eve of Independence Day. 

Written & Directed by Reema Kagti, the film features Akshay as an athlete in the pre-independent era where British dominated us all the time. This latest teaser talks about the way Indians stood in theatres and other places for 200 years when British National Anthem was played here. And the story talks about that one man who displayed Indian flag courageously and made Britishers stand for the Indian anthem. 

Though it is a fictional story set on the backdrop of true incidents about India winning its first gold medal in field hockey the 1948 Summer Olympics, the director's stunning take on it in an emotional way is very awe inspiring. 

Featuring Akshay Kumar, Mouni Roy and others in the lead, the film is likely to hit cinemas on August 15th this year.




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