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Godavari Boat Tragedy

A boat carrying 31 people was capsized in Godavari in Andhra Pradesh on saturday 14th july at about 5 PM. The shocking incident happened at Pasuvallanka of I.Polavaram Mandal in East Godavari district.

The accident took place when the boat had hit a pillar of an under-construction bridge after which the boat reportedly toppled. During the incident, majority of people managed to climb the pillar and saved their lives. It is learnt that the boat was carrying mostly school and college students who were returning home in the evening.

Learning about the accident, locals, police officials and State Disaster Response Force (SDRF) and National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) teams have rushed in to rescue the people onboard. Locals said to have rescued the others. According to reports, 26 people were rescued, while 4 others are said to be missing.

Due to the incessant rains, the flood water coming from Dhavaleswaram would go down to the sea through the Mondilanka Revu where the accident had taken place. It is suspected that the level of water was higher than the usual due to which the boat could have hit the pillar that was covered under the water.

It can be noted that another boat had earlier capsized in May 2018 on Godavari when the driver lost control over the wheel due to bad weather leading to the deaths of the passengers. In a similar accident on November 2017, a tourist boat carrying 38 people capsized in the Krishna River near Vijayawada, leaving all 14 tourists dead.




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