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God Forgot To Swithchoff The Light Says Bramanandham

Rhonda Byrne's world renowned work "Secret" is known for its meta physical revelations. It goes with the age old Sanskrit saying "yad bhavam tad bhavathi" (when you wish, it happens). Well, we are referring to this due to one of the public speeches by ace comedian Brahmanandam.

We all know Brahmanandam as the busiest comedian on Telugu screen ruling for decades together. But he hasn't been seen on screen in latest films. It has been quite a long time that we saw Brahmanandam in prominent role. Even in the latest Nela Ticket he was treated lesser than an entry level Jabardasth comedian. His role was so limited and completely out focused. 

While many are just treating it as the phenomenon of old waters being pushed by the new waters, others are attributing this sudden change in career to one of the Brahmanandam's speech while ago. 

He said in the speech, "God puts focus light on everyone and switches off after some time. But in my case, I think he must have forgotten to switch off and hence I am still happening here". 

Some say that it is nothing but invoking cosmic powers and reminding the nature to switch off the light. 

Well, though we may take this entire interpretation for fun, it is true that Brahmanandam lost big opportunities after that speech, say many.




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