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Gentleman Combination Coming Again

Some combos always raise curiosity levels among the audience.  Natural Star Nani- Indraganti Mohanakrishna combo is surely one of them.  It is known that Nani's debut film 'Ashta Chemma' is directed by Indraganti.  Both of them came together again for 'Gentleman' and it was also a box office success. They are coming together for the third time now. 

When Nani teamed up with Indraganti for 'Gentleman' many people felt that Nani is taking a risk because Indraganti was going through a rough phase in his career. But Indraganti delivered a hit proving the critics wrong.  Coming to the present, Indraganti is recharged with the success of 'Sammohanam' and he is getting ready to prepare a pure love story for Nani.  

The movie will be produced by KS Ramarao under Creative Commercials banner.  The movie will go to the sets from February 2019 as per the update.  As both the films of Nani-Indraganti combo turned out to be hits at the box office, the curiosity will be high on their hattrick combo. 




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