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Geethamadhuri In Bigboss2 Confuses Audience

Bigg Boss Season #2 has got some interesting contestants while some are unpredictable and out of the blue. 

While Geeta Madhuri's name was in air as Bigg Boss contestant, there was no big surprise for many of the netizens.  Finally she was introduced as the first contestant in the list and was sent inside Bigg Boss House.

Behind her, Amit Tiwari (the film actor), who is well known with his face than the name has entered the show. He stepped into Bigg Boss house and Geeta received him. 

As a part of initial discussion with him, she said to Amit: "Meekoka vishayam Cheppaali". 

When Amit asked what it is, she replied, "Akkada Rokali Banda undi". 

The scene was cut to Nani's dais and many of the audience got perplexed with Geeta's line. Why is she referring to Rokali Banda all of a sudden? And what actually is Rokali Banda? 

In Telugu, this word has two different meanings. One is as everybody know a pestle or a pounding stick. In other sense it's the name of a small reptile that looks partly red and partly black. 

The audience those know only the first meaning got confused, and those who know the second one understood that she is a referring to the small insect like reptile that is common to appear in rainy season. 




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