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Gattigakodatha A Fake Poster On Sushanth

Apparently, the level of trolling and creating fake news is growing multi-fold these days with more and more social media users starting to like 'negativity' and 'criticism' than being positive and enjoying things. Here is another example.

Some miscreants wanted to make fun of struggling heroes and they have come up with the posters of the film "Gattiga Kodatha". Though this is a fake news, some believed that this the real poster and started trolling Akkineni Nagarjuna's nephew on Twitter for coming up with a title that best describes his position right now in the film industry. 

Slowly clapping over these acts, Sushant said, "It's one thing to troll. But to create fake news and then try to troll. Thanks for all the attention". There is no such film coming up and the one who created that poster should feel shame for not able to understand an actor's hard work that is put into every film no matter whether it is a hit or flop. 

Sushanth recently impressed film lovers with "Chi La Sow" teaser, a film directed by hero Rahul Ravindran, and he's waiting for right time to release the movie.




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