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Fraudster Couples False Allegations On Hyd Cops, Apologizes

The other day a couple from Vijayawada made sensational allegations against Banjara Hills police that they were harassed when they approached the cops to file a complaint regarding a civil case. The videos of the couple explaining the assault with date, time and day went viral in the social media. Many thought the couple were speaking the truth as they claimed that they have evidence of police misbehaving with them.

On Tuesday, the media confronted the police on these allegations. West Zone DCP AR Srinivas has denied any such incident and added that they would take severe action against the couple for making false allegations.

Cut to the scene in no time, the couple took a 'U' turn and accepted that there is no truth in their allegations. When the police dug deep into the case, it is learnt that Atluri Suresh Kumar is a big fraudster and in the past he duped many unemployed youth in the name of jobs abroad.

On Wednesday the Hyderabad police shared a video of the couple apologizing for making wild accusations against the cops and they added that they realized their mistake.

Well this has become a trend sort of thing to blame the police for everything. In this case the police acted smartly and did not fall for the fraudsters. Now they will look into all the wrongdoings of Atluri Suresh and his wife Pravija and go ahead with legal action.




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