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Finally, Kachuluru Boat Is Out. Good Job Satyam

At least 56 tourists were feared dead after a boat was capsized in Godavari river on September 15. Around 26 people were rescued from the boat which sank deep in waters near the town of Kachuluru.

After around 38 days of boat salvage operation, Dharmadi Satyam group has finally extracted the shattered boat and few dead bodies on Tuesday afternoon. The bodies rescued now are said to be struck in AC section of the ferry.

Apart from Satyam group, this operation involved the efforts of deep scuba divers, NDRF, SDRF teams, state officials and local swimmers. From last 1 week, Satyam group is attempting to pull out the boat from deep river using long ropes and they had stop the search operation for a day or two due to heavy rains.

Kachuluru is considered to be the deepest area in Godavari river and also, the intensity of water speed is quite high in this region. Amidst high amount of criticism from opposition parties like TDP, BJP and Jana Sena, the state government have instructed officials to not stop the rescue operation until the boat is extracted from river.

This salvage operation by Satyam and his 25 member team has costed AP government around 22.7 lakhs.




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