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Film Industry To Be Matured In Showcasing Sex And Love

Where there is a demand, there goes the supply. Indians started to open their brains from considering sex as taboo already. Thanks to the various awareness stories. For example, old movies could not show a kiss on screen and now you know where the intimacy presentation has gone. One of the success stories of a couple who brought awareness about handling the sexual insecurities through their journey is going to hit the screens soon. There is indeed a demand in the film industry for more matured films that show sex and love as just any other emotion. Owing to the demand, there goes another film that portrays the story of the founder of an adult toy business, Lover treats. The story is about Balaji and Ute, the owners of the store and their journey to be accepted by Indians. DAR Motion Pictures who already did ‘Bucket List’ with Madhuri Dixit is all set to convey a message on overcoming the insecurities pertaining to sexual pleasure and helping themselves with a major comedic touch. The film handles a serious issue with wit, humor, and emotion as the filmmakers say. Sounds interesting.





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