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Farmers Fired On CRDA Officials

CRDA Officials came to Undavalli to know about the objections of Farmers over the Land Acquisition. Special Deputy Collector B Rajani Kumari informed Farmers that Rs 4,400 has been fixed as price for Gajam and the price goes up to Rs 5,500 if multiple factor is included. She added 2.5 times extra compensation would be sanctioned to the farmers based on Land Acquisition Act 2013.

Farmers breathed fire on the CRDA Officials questioning how fair is it to offer Rs 5000 per Gajam when the market value is Rs 50,000. Notices should be served under Section 21(5) and paper statement should be offered with the details of farmers. 30 Days later, Award Enquiry should be conducted. Before the announcement under Section 19(1), Compensation offered to the farmers must be deposited in the Farmers Account. CRDA Officials had no clue what to do when Farmers questioned them with legal points. 

Capital Farmers warned they won't even spare Chandrababu's Grandfather if Land Acquisition happens without their consent. They told each acre in Capital is worth Rs 6 to 10 crore.

Advocate CH Nirmalatha told survey conducted by CRDA Officials for the land acquisition is far away from reality. 3-Floor building which belongs to Punnarao in Undavalli centre has been mentioned as a vacant area. Even the location where Iskcon Temple exists was mentioned a vacant area in the records. 




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