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Fans Reaction On Renu Romantic Post

Power Star Pawan Kalyan's former wife Renu Desai endeared herself to the lakhs of his diehard fans by chanting Power Star mantra day in and day out much to their delight.

So much so that fans despite their favorite star divorcing her and getting blessed with a kid after marrying Anna Lezhnova, still regard Renu Desai as Pawan's soul mate. They even react wildly whenever Renu Desai talk about marrying someone else, asking her not to desert their star. 

In the midst of all this, Renu Desai shared her romantic feelings with a snap in which she was seen holding someone else's hand. Sharing her romantic feelings, she posted "I went looking for love in all the wrong places. I thought, I will find it in poetry.

Sometimes in candlelight dinners, most of the time in sugar coated false promises of forevers. I wanted to find love in the most obvious; rains, songs and long drives. I thought I will find it hidden in a giant bouquet of hundred roses.

During this search I forgot that love is an experience. It’s an abstract noun that has to be experienced, not possessed. I found love in moments and not in forevers, with you. I found love in tiny meaningful gestures, sincere words and honest actions.

You are like my spectacles; I experience joy, peace and kindness clearer now. Hold on to my hand, to never let go, ever. Yes, you do make me believe a li’ll bit in forevers… And yes, you do make peace synonymous with love…"

It has to be seen how fans react to Renu Desai's romantic post.




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