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F9 US Box Office: $65 Million (INR 480 Crore) Weekend Expected From Vin Diesel And Co.

As the audience gets ready to witness the battle royal between Vin Diesel and John Cena on the big screen in the US on June 25, the box office pundits have started their predictions for Fast and Furious 9. The action-packed franchise is expected to record the biggest opening day and weekend for a feature film in the US ever since the world has been taken aback by the Covid-19 pandemic. F9 is looking to take a start in the range of $27 to $30 million, with a weekend in the vicinity of $62 to $67 million.

When it’s converted to India rupees, the opening day is expected to be INR 200 crore plus, whereas the weekend figures will be as high as INR 480 crore. This would be by far the biggest opening for a film in the US market, and that was always expected given the fact that Fast and Furious is among the biggest franchises of Hollywood industry. At present, it’s A Quiet Place 2 that holds the record of biggest opening day and weekend in the US. The horror film recorded a phenomenal opening of $19.3 million (INR 143 crore), with a weekend biz of $48 million (INR 356 crore).

Furious 9 has sold tickets worth $10 million in advance already for the opening weekend, and it’s still two days away from it’s release. The opening day and weekend record of Fast and Furious 9 will however be short lived in the US as the Marvel film, Black Widow is expected to set new records in the Covid times. The opening weekend of this superhero film fronted by Scarlett Johansson is expected to be in the $80 million (INR 593 crore) range.

Talking about the Fast and Furious franchise, the biz of ninth instalment will however be lower than the previous one due to the Covid-19 scenario. While the US box office is recovering at a quick pace, there is still a little reluctance in the audience across the globe due to the pandemic. Fast 8 had recorded an opening of $46 million, with a weekend of $99 million. Outside the domestic market in the US, Fast and Furious 9 has already raked in $295 million (INR 21,88,19,34,750 crore), with China being the key contributor, currently standing at $232 million. The film has also been released in Australia and Indonesia, among other countries. 

With A Quiet Place 2, Fast and Furious 9, and Black Widow, we can surely say that the US box-office is back on track.


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