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Everyone Who Feels Jagan Is The BEST CM Should Read This !

Y.S Jagan Mohan Reddy, the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh and probably Jagan might be the only youngest CM now in the country.

Jagan was in opposition for over a decade period of time. But after losing in the 2014 general election by just a small margin it seemed like it was very hurting for Jagan to take that failure which was so close to victory. But very soon he came back and started visiting every district and every village. All the past 5 years Jagan was only doing road shows and meeting as many people as he can meet. Thus, Jagan and his YSRCP Party has won the 2019 general elections with a bumper majority. This clearly states the will power of Jagan to become CM of AP state. But actually what is he doing after becoming the chief minister of Andhra Pradesh, seriously he turned very lazy sitting in the CM chair.

Jagan's hunger and thirst was clearly seen by the public to get into power and serve the public. But that is not the case after he came into power. In the past one year of ruling or governance there was no significant decision or step taken by AP CM Y.S Jagan Mohan Reddy. Even now dealing with the pandemic movement seems like a challenge actually for him. But taking up the challenge and also moving forward with right decisions is very much important and that seems not happening with Jagan' s Government. 

Andhra Pradesh is the state in south India where the Covid – 19 cases are increasing so much. And Jagan is just conducting review meetings from his home. This seems like AP CM Jagan is following the lockdown rules very strictly. Instead actually he must get into action conducting press meets and explaining the situations to the public, Also boosting up the confidence in the public is very much important. 

Even encouraging the whole administrative department to work even more harder in finding the corona positive cases and being in secretariat passing the orders while taking right decisions as after scrutinizing the situations all over the state. Let's hope AP CM does this before the situation in the state turns out of control.


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