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Enormous Arrangement Behind Ambani Visit

In 2007, the then Rajasekhar Reddy government allocated 10,760 sections of land close to the national interstate in Kadapa area to dubious pioneer Gali Janardhana Reddy's Brahmani Steels. After the less than ideal demise of YSR, his successor Kirankumar Reddy dropped this designation as the industrial facility the executives didn't take up improvement works with the exception of development of compound dividers. Be that as it may, Gali took several crores advances from banks for the sake of Steel Plant. This in the end stalled out in court prosecutions. Presently, there are gives an account of a mystery move to give back every one of these grounds to Gali industrial facility and through him the steel plant terrains would be given to some other organization. Many top Gujarat based industrialists have just sent their groups to contemplate the possibilities of taking over Gali plant. Likewise, Reliance agents visited Kadapa area for this reason. Gali group disclosed the industrial facility subtleties to them. Most recent theory is that Gali manufacturing plant bargain is one of the elements behind Mukesh Ambani late gathering with CM Jaganmohan Reddy. Once Rajya Sabha seat is given to Ambani's partner, a lot increasingly such seals are normal in AP.




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