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Elli Avram Hot Bikni Show

Well! Know who is Elisabeth Avramidou Granlund? This lass knows her name is quite a tongue twister and has morphed it into Elli AvRam. This sexy lass sizzled in Vicky Virus and then wowed us with her cute acts in Bigg Boss show for close to 10 weeks.

Seen here is this lass showing off her hot booty in a two-piece bikini. She is seen here making a splash in a pool. It's difficult to take your eyes off such statuesque beauty especially when she is frolicking in a water body in two piece bikini that conceals little and leaves a lot to imagination. Elle AvRam is now trying to make a splash on South cinema. She might soon make an entry into Kannada and Tamil films. Longing to see you in a Telugu film lassy!!




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