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Earth Is Greener Than 20 Yrs Ago-Thanks To China, India

The constant awareness of greenery and growing trees and forests have majorly benefitted India and its people. The recent finding from the satellite data showed by NASA tells that the world is now much greener compared to 20 years ago. And most of the credit goes to China and India for showing the progress. A decade ago, the awareness on how life on the earth is dependent on trees has been vastly preached and today looks like the world has fathomed its benefits and uses.

The most populous countries, China and India, are now responsible for the largest greening of the planet in the past two decades and this indeed is helping the earth in various aspects like combating climate change, pollution, prevent soil erosion and conserving energy. Moreover, India continues to break world records in tree planting, with 800,000 Indians planting 50 million trees in just one day.

NASA has compared the data from the mid-1990s to today using high-resolution imagery and it is vividly seen the greenery all over. Initially, it confused the scientist but through thorough investigation, the researchers found that greening was disproportionately located in China and India. Also, the higher latitude regions should become greener faster than lower latitudes as permafrost melts and areas like northern Russia become more habitable.

The image shown has both brown and green colours. While green depicts the increase in vegetation, the brown tells the decrease in vegetation around the globe. And the significant greens are seen in India and China regions. Thanks to the agriculture and tree planting that this picture is now a proof how China and India human activity is dominating towards the greening of this planet.  Hope the "Go Green; go clean" motto lingers for long.




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