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DSP Retweeted I Am Number One

A fan posted the list of top five Non-Baahubali musical hits in the recent times and quite interestingly all the top five movies happened to be Devi Sri Prasad‘s musicals. That’s the reason why the fan opined that DSP is the number one among the music directors. True. Even DSP accepted and confirmed that he is the number one music director by retweeting the post. This is a rare feat though we know that his tunes are losing quality with each film. If we look at the drop-down list, his list doesn’t stop with top-5 films. ‘Atharinitki Daredi’, Jai Lava Kusa’ and ‘Gabbar Singh’ are also in the top 10. DSP’s fan declared that the MD is the number one and by retweeting the post of the fan, DSP also agreed that he is number one and we too had to agree when the top 10 list is dominated by the movies he had worked for. Hope, the quality doesn’t drop down further.





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