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Drug Addicted Music Director Suspicious Suicide

Young and aspiring music director Anurag Vinil who composed music for several short films has committed suicide a week ago in Vikarabad, away from his residence in Mamatha Nagar, Nagole. He was addicted to drugs and was under a lot of pressure according to the stories that are making rounds. According to several media reports, an unknown lady has attracted him into taking drugs and there might possibly be a love angle between them that made Anurag get addicted to drugs. The actual reasons for his suicide aren’t revealed as even his parents aren’t indulging any details about the guy. Looks like, though the incident happened a week ago, it came into light, only now. Going by his recent Facebook posts, the guy is under pressure and depression for being addicted to drugs and also for some cases being filed on him in the police station. Anyway, it’s sad that he decided to end his life instead of seeking medical help for coming out of the addiction.





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