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DRDO Scientist Confirms The Efficacy Of 2-DG Drug Is On Different Strains Of Covid19

Dr. Anant Narayan Bhatt, a scientist at the Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Allied Sciences at DRDO, said that the 2 – DOX – D glucose (2-DG) they had developed is also showing effective results against coronavirus mutations too. He stated that 2-DG will be a critical step in the covid-19 fight at a webinar hosted by the Federation of Telangana Chambers of Commerce and Industry on Tuesday. He also said that The Drug Controller General of India approved the 2-DG medicine for emergency use only after it was found to have potential in clinical trials.

Similarly, he stated that it considerably lowers the need for oxygen in individuals with moderate symptoms. It has been demonstrated to be useful in patients over the age of 65 in human trials. Anant also said last April that they had started research on the drug with the help of the Center for Cellular and Molecular Biology.

Dr. G. Satish Reddy, Chairman, DRDO, said that the 2-DG is able to effectively prevent the coronavirus due to its innovative performance. The drug is said to be easy to manufacture and distribute. Research on 2-DG has shown that it is safe. Federation President Ramakant Innani, Dr. Reddy's Labs Chief Executive Officer Deepak Sapra, and Healthcare Committee Chairperson Shekhar Agarwal were also present in the webinar.


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