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Drank A Lot Of Beer,Ate Alot Of Food And Gained Weight

When it comes to body weight, celebrities lives are in constant scrutiny, tough and entirely different from the general public. Actors have to appoint personal trainers and chefs 24/7 and take assist from nutritionists to tell them what they should eat and what not. Not to mention, paying for memberships and to fancy gyms is mandatory. They also spend bucks to be informed of how often to exercise in order to attain their health goals and lose weight.

Versatile and talented actress Radhika Apte shares one of her bitter experiences which happened in 2012. The actress was said to be overweight compared to her present image. 2012 superhit film Vicky Donor, starring Ayushmann Khurana and Yami Gautam, was initially given to Radhika Apte as the female lead. However, she has been rejected for being a little overweight. Losing a good role just because of her weight is a pain to even hear and we can imagine what the actress must have gone through. Radhika revealed that she was rejected after she had gone on a holiday for a month, drank a lot of beer, ate countless calories of food. She went out of control in terms of managing her weight. 

Radhika also tried to convince the filmmaker that she would lose those extra kilos very soon, however, they did not want to take the risk of waiting. In fact, Ayushmann who was skinny at that time would not make a good pair with a bubbly Radhika then. Since then, Radhika has become extremely conscious of her food intake and weight management. "I don't get affected by rejection at work, but the weight thing really messed with my head," she said.




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