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Double Whammy For Rajini and Dhanush

A film with Super Star Rajinikanth is a dicey thing. If the film goes on to become a hit, there are no problems. But, all hell breaks lose with the film flops. Whenever Rajini's film flops the producers and buyers end up making huge losses. Whenever the film flops, there is a tussle between the Super Star and the buyers. Initially, Rajini bailed out the buyers when the film flopped and helped them by compensating their losses. Later, the super star decided that this was not the right thing to do. Naturally, there was an open spat with the buyers when he refused to compensate the losses sustained during Linga. Kabali was Okay. So there were no problems. Then came Kala.

Kala was a dud in Kannada as the film was stopped from being released in Karnataka. In Telugu, it was a huge flop. In Tamil, though it had a decent beginning, it is tapering off now. The buyers have suffered huge losses and they may be able to recover only up to 60 per cent of their investment.  This time around, it is his son-in-law Dhanush who distributed the film in Telugu. So, it will be Dhanush, who will suffer. In Kannada, as per the agreement, the buyer is not going to pay anything since the film could not be released. Even in Tamil, the buyers are demanding that Rajini compensate them. So, it will be double whammy for Rajini and his son in law




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