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Do You Know The Full Form Of CCC?

CCC is the new three letter word that is buzzing in Tollywood. This may not be a general knowledge question if we ask the full form of it.

Many may say Corona Crisis Charity. But the inside news says that it is nothing but "Chiranjeevi Chiranjeevi Chiranjeevi".

This account is attached to Chiranjeevi Charitable Trust and many film celebrities have donated huge amounts to this. This is not running solely by the charity of Chiranjeevi. 

But the coordinators are chanting the mantra Chiranjeevi…Chiranjeevi..Chiranjeevi.

N Shankar, Tammareddy Bharadwaja, Meher Ramesh and others were given some responsibilities in this mission.

Tammareddy is the one who is known for rising issues related to film workers and he is like a socialist leader.

N Shankar is also a tough man who has got close connections with TRS bigwigs. Meher Ramesh is close to Mahesh Babu and other big heroes in the industry.

So, all these were made part of this CCC so that no issues will be raised and no controversy will arise. 

There is nothing wrong in setting up the things like this. But in the Press Meet there is no statement of account so far.

Who are all the beneficiaries and how many packs of essential goods were distributed so far and what is the cost of each? How many departments are benefited so far? What is the daily update? Many are lamenting that this transparency is lacking.

Hope CCC corrects this image and stands up as the most ideal wing of charity. 




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