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Disco Shanti Explaination On Sriharis Demise

Tollywood movie lovers got a huge shock when Real Star Srihari passed away suddenly. Many raised doubts on Srihari's death while participating in shooting for a Bollywood film R..Rajkumar in Mumbai. Srihari was shifted to Leelavati Hospital as he fell sick while shooting for R..Rajkumar in Mumbai. He passed away while receiving treatment for liver ailment.

Srihari’s wife Disco Shanti made startling revelations. She said, “On that day Bava came to the hotel after completing the shooting. After having something, he started watching TV. Suddenly, he told me that he was feeling uneasy and sweating and we called the receptionist and asked for a doctor. Doctor came later and after examining him, said there was nothing to worry and an injection will cure him. In the meantime, makeup man and entire staff came. I was in nightie and when I went to change my clothes, Bava was shifted to hospital in a vehicle.

When I went to the hospital, I was informed that saline was administered to Bava in ICU. Since it was ICU, I was sent out. I sneaked into the ICU as I was not allowed by the staff. Bava was drenched in blood. I got scared and shouted. I don’t know Hindi and everyone pushed me out.

I immediately called my family members in Chennai and told that I was scared. At once my sister Lalita Prakash Raj, brother Arun and others came to the hospital. One by one entered and came out of the ICU. But I was not allowed inside. Finally I was sent in at night 9PM. I saw Bava full of blood. I couldn't control myself. I was dragged out by those around me.

No one there knows Bava. Few doctors came and were pleading that some blunder happened. As far as I am aware, a tube was sent into his mouth. It went inside and pierced his liver and so blood came out. Entire room was spilled with blood. Had Bava got heart attack, so much blood wouldn't have come out. I at once called Bava's personal doctors. They told me these things.  No one knows whether he moved while doctors were inserting pipe or they inserted it wrongly but bawa left me alone" said a tear struck Disco Shanti.




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