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Sometimes star directors don't know the effect of their work on others. But there are people who simply follow that in order to get success and most of them just end up in getting none. Here is a talk going on in the film industry right now.

Other day while sharing his thoughts with a media house, Trivikram revealed the source of inspiration behind his works. He stated that the love track between Nagarjuna and Anshu in "Manmadhudu" was taken from Yaddanapudi's Girija Kalyanam novel. And also he mentioned that the novel "Pardhu" from the same writer inspired him to write Mahesh-Trisha talk in "Athadu". 

Guess what, this has now lead to new thoughts in Telugu industry. Some writers and directors are thinking that one should find a right novel and insert into the story properly to finish a script. Rather thinking about new scenes and new situations, Tollywood is now busy finding those junior writers who could do the cut-paste job of copying some novels for them. 

Even Trivikram would not have expected this, because he quoted about those novels to talk about the impression made by Yaddanapudi Sulochana Rani on his scripts and writing. And now, many writers are busy visiting bookstores like Visalandhra to buy some novels and copy some scenes. 




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