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Director Slashes 10 Lakhs For The Heroine

Some rumours in Tollywood surprises everyone. If those gives rise to affairs then people too more often than not tend to believe them. A young director who is three films old is readying for his fourth. Out of his three films, two turned hits and another turned an average grosser. 

His latest project is a multi starrer and will soon go to sets. The person, who is producing the film, already produced six hit films last year. 

Director recommended a heroine strongly and the producer respecting the words of the director, contacted the heroine. With the heroine demanding a whopping Rs 50 lakhs, he returned back and told the director that her market rate is less than 20lakhs and giving her 20 lakhs is quite high for her. 

Director however surprised the producer and convinced him to pay her 30lakhs and requested him to slash his remuneration by 10lakhs. Director is keen to have the heroine on board at any cost. She is playing the lead role in the remake of the super hit Hindi film. She ensured the change of director for the project due to ego clashes. Producer is wondering why the director is after this heroine




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