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Director Shankar Disappointed With Arjun Approach

Gentleman' is a memorable movie in Action King Arjun's career.  Though it is the debut film of Tamil director Shankar, it went on to become a blockbuster in Tamil and Hindi.  'Gentleman' made Shankar a star director and a top league director in South.  Hero Arjun recently shared an interesting story behind the 'Gentleman'. 

He said that he was not at all interested meet directors and producers when Shankar approached him with 'Gentleman' story. He said that he suffered many flops continuously and they directors, producers stopped approaching him.  So he himself became a director-producer and scored a hit.  From then onwards, everybody started coming to him.  Arjun said that he was not in a mood to entertain them at that time.  In such a situation, Shankar tried to meet Arjun to narrate the story of 'Gentleman' but Arjun said 'no'.  Shankar disappointed with Arjun's approach and told him "Sir how can you say 'no' without even listening to the story?".   So, Arjun started listening to the story with an intention to say 'no' at the end.  

Arjun said that he was touched with the story as soon as Shankar started to narrate it.  He was very much impressed with the story and revealed that it is the best movie of his career.  He said that he feels happy for introducing a director like Shankar with his film.  He said that Shankar wanted to make 'Oke Okkadu' with Rajinikanth sir but he rejected it because it is a political subject.   Then Shankar came to him and 'Oke Okkadu' also become a milestone in his career




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