Digital Voter Cards? EC Plans 5 State Elections Next Year?!? Deets Inside…

It's set to go digital with your voter identification card. As with Aadhaar. Once the final decision has been taken by the Election Commission of India (ECI), voters will be able to download and vote using the digital version of their Electors Photo Identification Card (EPIC) or voting ID card. ECI sources said that the polling panel plan is ready and they will soon provide voters with the facility once the commission gives the go-ahead. According to sources, newly registered voters will automatically obtain the facility and current voters will have to complete some formalities to use it via the Voter Helpline app. The media has learned that the Election Commission is expected to give its nod after due consideration and disclose the final proposal. The existing EPIC facility will also be in operation, in addition to the downloadable digital voting card. Ease of delivery is the concept behind this proposal.

After installing the card on a registered mobile connection, new voters can get the service. Once the approval of a new voter card application has been issued by the competent authorities, the applicant may receive it in digital format. According to the proposal, there will be two separate QR codes in the digital format of the EPIC, consisting of voter information. One QR code will have the name and other basic details of the voter, while the second code will have other information about the voter. Voting privileges can be used on the basis of the data contained in the QR codes in the downloaded version of the EPIC.

The Service and Overseas Voters will also be able to download their EPIC once the EC plan is rolled out. At present physical voter ID cards are not issued. For those voters who have changed and need to record their names at new polling stations, the service would also be beneficial. Besides this, after their applications for new cards are accepted, voters who have lost their cards and applied for new ones will still be able to use this service. Sources said that once a final decision is made by the polling council, the automated EPIC service will become accessible to voters nationally before next year's assembly elections in five states.

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