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Dhev Proves That War Between Media And Pawan Ends Before It Starts

Everyone who follow news ceremoniously are very much aware how Pawan Kalyan created a huge ruckus and announced a war against a few top media houses (ABN and TV9) demanding their ban. He alleged that those channels were working in the favour of the AP government and targeting him big time. Now, when we look at the present scenario, we understand that the war that was announced, ended even before it actually began. Pawan Kalyan attacked the owners of the above-said channels and after a while, even Chiranjeevi involved himself into this mess. Presently, Chiranjeevi’s son-in-law Kalyaan is seen giving exclusive interviews to TV9 channel in their studio ahead of the release of his debut movie ‘Vijetha‘. This is a clear indication that the war died a natural death before it has begun, in reality. Mega fans are surely in confusion thinking what happened to Pawan’s war on Srini Raju and his Tv9.





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