Delhi Youtuber Ties Dog With Balloons To Make His Pet ‘Fly’, Gets Arrested For Animal Cruelty

Delhi-based YouTuber Gaurav Sharma has been arrested for posting a video on the social media platform in which he floated his pet dog Dollar up in the air by tying balloons on its back. DCP south Atul Thakur said Gaurav has been arrested on charges of cruelty to the animal as he risked his pet's life by making the video. The video has already been deleted from YouTube and the YouTuber issued another video apologising for the earlier video.

A case was registered against Gaurav in Malviya Nagar police station after People for Animal raised an issue with the cruelty showed in the video.

The video in question was shot on May 21 and was released on YouTube under the title 'Flying Dollar with helium gas balloon'. In the video, which starts with a shot taken on a car, Dollar can be seen flying, while Gaurav says, "Let's make Dollar fly". A woman was also there in the video.

"Please don't take it wrong. When we will fly Dollar, we will take all safety precautions," Gaurav said in the now-deleted video. The video shows how the YouTuber got ready with drones and a few other equipment and then drove to a shop first to buy ballons. The video also captures his conversation with the shopkeeper whom he asks how many balloons will be required to keep Dollar fly.

Gaurav Sharma, whose YouTube channel goes by the name Gauravzone, has 4.15 million subscribers and the video drew immediate flak from his followers on YouTube.

Deleting the video, he made an apology video where he said that he took all safety precautions before flying up Dollar, but those were not shown in the video as it increases the length. "I am also a pet lover…I got influenced by seeing some video from outside. I apologise for that and I will appeal to all of those watching to not get influence by my video," he said showing some old footage of him playing with his toy Pomeranian Dollar.

The apology video did not calm his followers down as many wrote in the YouTube comment section that instead of the apology video, Gaurav should have made a video on what safety precautions were taken while shooting the first one.

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