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Deepthi Stunned Audience With Performance In Bigg Boss Season 2

The much awaited second season of Telugu Bigg Boss has finally started with Natural star Nani as a host and 16 contestants who entered the Bigg Boss house to stay for 100 days. Though the ratings are not that high as the first season, it is going on recently. Yesterday, the inmates played a skit which brought out the hidden talents of them. 

The skit that was given to them is that the villagers should impress the king, queen and their rebel princess. Nutan Naidu is the king, Deepthi Nallamothu played the Queen and Nandini Rai who gave her entry into the Bigg Boss day before yesterday is the princess. While doing the skit, Deepthi Nallamothu has surprised the audience with her acting skills. She told some lengthy dialogues fluently in Telugu and her killing expressions are the highlight

Some are commenting that with yesterdays episode, Deepthi sure has increased her fan following and she is much-likely to grab some character artist roles in movies once she gets out of the Bigg Boss House. Also, her calm behaviour without involving in the politics and being nice with everyone also impressed the audience




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