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Deepikas Befitting Reply To Her Pregnancy Rumors

Bollywood's most admirable Deepika Padukone has currently spoken about the bizarre situation of hers. The actress, who got married to Ranveer Singh in 2018, is said to have come across questions about her pregnancy. In fact, Deepika's recent picture has poured in with many comments online asking her if she is pregnant while pointing out her belly.

The actress said that it is sad how society is back of you asking when will you get married? When will have kids and grandchildren? "I'm not surprised by the rumours. Do we intend to have children? Of course, we do, we both love kids. But do we intend on having kids anytime soon? Absolutely not! We are too selfish at this point focused on our careers and I don't think it would be fair to have kids at this point. We are not even thinking about it," she said.

"When is the good news ?" is the foremost question we hear soon after getting married. People never stop worrying about others' pregnancy plans though it is none of their business. Moreover, for celebrities, it is even tougher as they are under constant scrutiny. Just a little weight gain, or sick, or not seen in a while, people will speculate never-ending gossips like if the actor is pregnant. 




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