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Cyclone Tauktae: Navy Ships Rescue 177 From Barge Off Mumbai Coast, Aerial Search On..

Indian Navy has managed to save around 177 people that were stuck on a floating barge in the Arabia sea near Mumbai. It was almost 175 km from Mumbai.

After receiving an SOS from the barge P305, the Indian navy went straight to their aid. The crew and passengers are on board. Two ships INS Kochi and INS Talwar went to assist. Due to Cyclone Tauktae intensifying, the search operation is taking a lot more time.

“#IndianNavy helo pressed into action to support rescue ops of Indian flagged Tug Coromondel Supporter XI adrift North West of New Mangalore, #Karnataka, #IndianNavy Helo dispatched early morning 17th May 21 after attempts failed to rescue them by boat,” read a tweet by Indian Navy spokesperson.

Also, the P-8I long-range, multimission maritime patrol aircraft went on to assist in the operation.

"The Search and Rescue operations continued during the night and a total of 146 persons from Barge P305 were rescued till 6 am on Tuesday, 111 by INS Kochi and INS Kolkata, 17 by Offshore Support Vessel (OSV) Greatship Ahilya and 18 by OSV Ocean Energy while operating in tremendously challenging sea situations," the official confirmed.

“146 personnel rescued so far from barge P305 which is sunk on site. The aerial search commenced at first light with #IndianNavy P8I on task. Navy Helos standing by await improving extreme weather conditions,” added the tweet.

Earlier yesterday the news came that, there were at least 273 people have been stranded on the drifting barge off the Geeta fields near the Bombay High region in the Arabian sea. It is almost 175 km from Mumbai.


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