Cyber Crimes Alone Was Worth Whopping Rs.1.25 Lakh Crores To India In 2019!!!

It is known that the crime rate in most parts of India is diminishing over the years. All due to technology, the culprits are being caught and the loss due to the crimes is being reduced. Now, the same technology has induced the scariest crime ever in the history of India. It is none other than ‘Cyber Crime’ which has the capacity to loot lakhs and crores of rupees within seconds.

Despite the fact that the police are there to crack down on such cases as well as to keep the people on tabs from falling into the trap of cybercriminals, they are putting in less practice every day with a new strategy. The number of heavy victims of these cybercriminals is increasing day by day. National Cyber Security Coordinator Lieutenant General Rajesh Pant said that cybercrime has caused a loss of Rs 1.25 lakh crore in 2019 alone.

Pant warned that the development of smart cities and the implementation of the 5G network could increase the threat of cybercrime in the future. Only a few companies in India are making cybersecurity products and there is still a lot of voids left to be filled in this field that facilitate the cybercriminals to show their mettle in bouncing off the people’s accounts.

Rajesh Pant reminded of the need for a forum related to this field to thwart cyberattacks through the development of credible domestic devices. Cybercriminals in particular are targeting mobile phones. Devices like mobile phones have many dangers. One can analyze the nature of attacks on mobile phones.

“The shocking fact is that not just on apps, attacks are taking place in 15 different ways. These include operating system processors, memory chips, communication interface, Bluetooth, WiFi,” Rajesh Pant added. Most of the apps that are pre-installed on phones are said to be moving data. That is why everyone who uses a mobile phone is told to take various precautions.

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